Secretary's Message

" No man can have society on his own terms. If he seeks it, he should serve it too! "   - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Respected members of the Indian Orthodontic Society,

At the outset I thank you all for reposing faith in me and giving me an opportunity to serve on the management committee for several terms , more recently as Editor of the JIOS and now as the chief functionary of the IOS.

As I travelled the country this past year I was asked what my agenda was. My answer simply was the “Indian Orthodontic Society.” Ours is a large and dynamic organization with several thousand Life and Student members with more joining us every year. We have numerous study groups spread over different parts of the country . We have two journals and we are the first society to start our own board the Indian Board of Orthodontics. We have a news letter which connects all the members but in recent times reaches out to create more public awareness about Orthodontics.

Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan


The calendar of the Indian Orthodontic Society burgeons with activities with every passing year .This is interlaced with the international orthodontic calendar since we have a global presence too, with several of our members having made a mark on the international orthodontic scene. This year, we have a young vibrant EC with several subcommittees working to fulfill the goals of our beloved society. With all this activity in the foreground, I with my team at the head office would be committed to ensuring that the aspirations and activities of the society are facilitated by providing an administration that is efficient, ethical and transparent.

I look forward to working together with all of you to help the Indian Orthodontic Society make greater strides ahead.

I remain yours truly,

Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan
Honorary Secretary, IOS.