Guidelines for the members on CORONA VIRUS (COVID 19)

Secretary's Message

Respected members of the IOS,

A year has gone by in a frenzy of activity and the grand culmination of this society year was in the 54th IOC ,Bhubaneswar. The organizing team had worked really hard to put together a grand show of scientific, social and cultural extravaganza. The pride in Bhubaneswar and the personal care was evident with the coffee table book that was unique and elegant. The presence of the Hon. Chief Minister, Orissa who was the chief guest and consented to release the IOS APP was the crowning glory. I am sure we all enjoyed the temple city of Bhubaneswar, the conference , the camaraderie and took back special memories.

From the IOS HO, for the first time, we had an IOS booth where members had the opportunity to receive smart cards and update their details on the IOS website. I trust IOS members who have found it difficult to go online would have done the same in person. The EOGM and AGM were well attended by members and the general body took several important decisions which will ease the administration of the society.

Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan


A landmark decision was taken by the general body based on a proposal from the EC - A significant corpus has been earmarked to create a Welfare fund so that the IOS could give a meaningful contribution to the families of our life members that we may unfortunately lose. The Member Benefit committee will be in touch to gather more details but the IOS needs the contact details of our members so that the process can be effected. The IOS directory 2019 is online but is still a work in progress with several missing links. We hope to bridge the links with your help.Please visit www.iosweb.net to upload your details and keep them current.

The results of the 54 th COC scientific programme are on the website and the awards will be given in the 55 th IOC, 2020 , Amritsar. The results of the IOS elections 2019 are also on the website and a new team of office bearers, a combination of experience and youthful enthusiasm have been elected ,but we must not forget to thank the office bearers who have finished their tenure and served the society with dedication. I thank Immediate past President Pradeep Jain for his advice and guidance and other office bearers who walked me and walked with me through my first year.The President, Dr.Silju Mathew has shared his vision and the calendar of events for the year 2019-20 and we look forward to another year of bustling activites which would keep IOS and all of us going till we meet again…....

Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan
Honorary Secretary, IOS.