Secretary's Message

Respected IOS Members,

Trust this message finds you all well and looking forward to a new society year!

As we look back on the last calendar year of the Indian Orthodontic Society,we realize that it has been unique in more ways than one. Having to grapple with a once in a lifetime Pandemic just like the rest of the world, we have had to switch gears in more ways than one.

However, I am proud to say that the executive committee and the IOS members under the able and level headed leadership of the President Dr.Silju Mathew went the extra mile to make the best of a bad situation. The result was a IOS calendar year that was a bit longer but was bustling with activity, that was inclusive because it brought more members on a common platform- “The virtual space”.

In addition to the regular calendar of events which moved online ,members have appreciated the numerous webinars with international faculty that were conducted last year. The EC also worked on a variety of other activities but probably the greatest achievement of the IOS head office during 2019-21 was regularizing the registration of the Indian Orthodontic Society at Vellore and I must thank both the Treasurer and Joint Secretary for the humongous efforts put in to enable this important task. IOS office bearers, EC members and numerous committees such as the member benefit programme, public awareness , academic council, study groups co-ordination, programme endorsement, research foundation ,constitution committee and the publications of the IOS and many others have worked harder than normal during this pandemic. I would request you to take the time to go through the annual report posted on the website. I also thank study groups and other institutions which worked with the IOS to give us some memorable programmes .

We thank the COC of the 55th IOC for respecting the sensibilities of the membership and for giving us a great first ever annual virtual conference and giving us the office bearers who travelled to Amritsar some memorable moments.A massive exercise was undertaken by the IOS HO to update member’s details on the IOS website in order to be able to conduct remote online elections in a free and transparent manner. The AGM saw some important decisions this year. For one, this online mode of election will continue giving all members of the IOS a right to participate in the IOS elections.

I congratulate the the winners of the IOS awards, grants and the winners of various scientific prizes in 54th IOC, 55th IOC and the 24th IOS PG student convention.I congratulate the newly elected office bearers and look forward to working with them.Kudos to Dr.Silju Mathew for an extremely successful presidency and best wishes to the new incoming President Dr.Srikrishna Chalasani and his team the best of luck for a equally successful calendar year.

Finally I thank all members of the IOS for your appreciation, support and participation. Please do update your details on www.iosweb.net in order to stay connected.

“No man can have society on his own terms. If he seeks it, he should serve it too!” Ralph Waldo Emerson .

Jai Hind,Jai IOS

Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan


Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan
Honorary Secretary, IOS.