President's Message

“A Smile is a curve that sets everything Straight,you being first one to do”

It is with great humility and in depth gratitude that I thank all the members of Indian Orthodontic Society in reposing their faith in me and electing me to the distinguished post of the President of this esteemed and august society.

There are 30000 qualified orthodontists in the country, but only 4000 have been registered as life members, though 10000 student life members are there .It is my endeavor to bring all these orthodontists in our loop so our data reflects to the whole world that we are the biggest orthodontic fraternity globally. For the same purpose, in our first EC meeting itself, we have decided to smoothen the transition from SLM to LM, whereby only first page certificate of thesis signed by the head of the department will suffice along with the copy of provisional or MDS degree that is to be submitted online. We will make this website more interactive and user friendly.

The IOS programs are sometimes held only in major cities or states depriving the small cities. We have to widen the extent of reach of these programs, so that at least one program is held in each state. The Presidential calendar is thus widening its roots to various states.

Dr. Pradeep Jain


The youngsters in the orthodontic fraternity are feeling the heat of numerous short courses being undertaken by dental graduates and thus diluting the orthodontic practice both in quality and quantity. The IOS is doing its best with all public awareness programs and CDE activities to nullify the effect of these short courses.

The constitutional amendments are required to be made so that representation from each zone is taken up along with other deficiencies in our constitution taking into consideration problems faced by students and traders too. We have to reduce the registration cost of conferences and PG conventions, so that each and every orthodontist marks the calendar to attend them.

Let us work together as a unit for upliftment of the profession and keep striving harmoniously to maintain and strengthen the camaraderie amongst us.

With warm regards

Dr. Pradeep Jain
President, IOS.