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President's Message

Respected members of the IOS,

With a profound sense of gratitude, I sincerely thank all the members of the prestigious Indian Orthodontic Society for placing your confidence in me and giving me the opportunity of serving you through the coveted post of the President . I am aware of the fact that the strength of our society lies in its members and I am merely their representative. I would with utmost sincerity and to the best of my ability try to take our society a step forward.

The Indian Orthodontic Society has completed 54 years of its glorious existence. Let us remember with gratitude the selfless group of enlightened orthodontists who founded the society to promote the science of orthodontics, which has now grown into this great organization. We acknowledge their dedication, hard work and selfless services rendered towards upholding the legacy and traditions that defines the organization.

Dr. Silju Mathew


I feel privileged and honoured to carry out responsibilities entrusted upon me by my predecessors and I would expect my followers to carry on the flag forward too. My thoughts and plans, some of them immediate and others have long term goals which I may only be able to initiate are listed below The year ahead has been planned keeping in mind the request and aspirations of the members and has been given the theme “SMILE 2020” , as we are the smile architects of the nation. Secondly a mascot has been designed to keep the focus on “Smile”. The quote , “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight” is often forgotten and in a large organisation , a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings and hurdles can be easily overcome with a smile .

Some of the key initiatives are listed below :

1. Orthodontic Education and Research: A calendar of events has been planned to conduct academic activities spread across the country, some of the innovations include: Advance Typodont Workshop for teaching the newer diagnostic and treatment options in an ever evolving and technologically advancing field of Orthodontics. Developing an Online Portal for Research Methodology Module for researchers and postgraduate students for learning and certification, Online Lecture Series, Surgical Orthodontics with Cadaver Based Training, Lingual Convention, Orthodontic Innovation workshop, documents for curriculum revision of the MDS programme, documents for Competency Based Curriculum for Orthodontics to be presented to DCI and Universities across the country, International Orthodontic Symposium in association with Eurasian Association of Orthodontists at Coorg, International and National exchange for postgraduate students and the regular Postgraduate Orientation programs, Teachers Training program and Zonal PG Conventions.

2. Member Benefit Program: After years of deliberations at the EC and AGM, this year I am happy take a bold decision to announce the following schemes for the members that I propose to implement:

a. Professional Indemnity group insurance on payment of annual premium, for members who want to protect their practice from claims and compensations arising from unexpected or unforeseen legal processes.

b. Health Insurance Group Policy on a payment of annual premium, for members who want to protect themselves from expenses of treatment for ailments and expensive hospitalisations.

c. Member Welfare Program: A Life endowment fund policy wherein on the demise of a Life Member of the Society, the family of the deceased is paid Rs 2 Lakhs as a gesture of goodwill and a helping hand to the family and send a message that the Society cares for its members.

3. Mobile App Based Election: Keeping in tune with the changing times and technological advancement, I propose with the demonstration and subsequent approval at the AGM to conduct the elections at the 55th IOC at Amritsar based on a Mobile App, a revolutionary concept and the first for any Society in the country. The trials will be held at the PG Convention at Hyderabad and on satisfaction of all stake holders and approval at EC, it will be implemented at the Annual Conference at Amritsar. This will address the opinion of the majority that election is a major distraction and the convenience it will bring will help maintain the sanctity of the scientific content at the Annual Conference.

4. Public Awareness Program: A flag ship program of IOS, with the mantle given to the youth of the EC to deliberate and conceptualise multiple activities, it will be an exciting space to watch. The conduct of short courses by dental graduates leading to diluting the orthodontic practice both in quality and quantity will also be addressed through public awareness activities and necessary actions with the appropriate authorities. As part of the 25th year celebration of WFO a Smile Flag campaign is planned to be initiated in the month of May which will travel across the major cities and will be an instrument for spreading public awareness.

5. Mission Embrace: I intent to pursue with vigour the excellent work done by the predecessors on the social responsibility of the organisation towards underprivileged sections in the country. I would sincerely request all members to join the great cause and secondly implore each EC member to enrol at least 25 members to the noble cause.

6. Conference Cost Reduction: It will be our initiative to reduce the registration cost of Annual Conferences and PG conventions, so that it becomes affordable for every postgraduate student and young orthodontists to attend and participate. The upper limit for registration charges to be capped at Rs 6000/- to 8000/- for PG Conventions and Rs 12000/- to 14000/- for IOC to be reviewed every two years. The registration for Conferences and Conventions to be through the Head Office and every effort will be made to be frugal in our expenses and reduce the burden on the members, the surplus thus generated through these steps will help enhance our corpus fund.

7. Membership Drive Initiative: There are 30000 qualified orthodontists in the country, but only 4000 have been registered as life members, along with thousands of student life members. With such large pool of unregistered orthodontists, if becomes imperative to initiate a drive to bring them to be members of the society and avail the benefits of being a member. Therefore a special initiative will be taken in this direction along with enhanced SLM to LM conversion through simple conversion procedures. Thus our data should reflect to the whole world that we are the biggest orthodontic fraternity globally.

8. JIOS: Looking forward to working with the dynamic Editor of JIOS and initiate the process for indexing of our prestigious journal at Scopus and PubMed in a few months and hope to complete the process in a year’s time.

I am fortunate to have an efficient and proactive Hon Secretary and a highly enthusiastic and talented EC team, with a right balance of youth and experience. Let us all work together as a cohesive unit for the upliftment of our profession and our common pride the Indian Orthodontic Society, join me in the journey of excellence through SMILE 2020, and keep striving harmoniously to maintain and strengthen the camaraderie amongst us.

With warm regards and best wishes

Dr. Silju Mathew
President, IOS.